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The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh says on the Delhi Master plan 2021.

Tarun Shienh thinks that Delhi Master plan is still a distant dream, especially for those who want to realize their dreams of owning home before 2021

<p>The Real Estate Guru Tarun Shienh says that The Delhi Master Plan is still on paper and the way to implement it in words and deed passes through a long and a tedious legal process. There are lots of legal hurdles which require thorough scrutiny. What are these legal hurdles? Let us know in his own words:</p> <p>Delhi is the capital city of India and home to a population of almost 16 million people. It remains one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Therefore, it becomes important to look at the state of urban planning in the city and to constantly evolve and evaluate the strategies for managing its growth and development The Master Plan for Delhi is supposed to be the main policy document for this purpose, a legally enforceable text which lays down the planning strategies and development controls applicable to the city.</p> <p>This paper attempts to provide a critical analysis of the Master Plan, keeping in mind the recent controversies regarding the demolition drive in the city against unauthorized construction. There is an attempt to deconstruct the provisions of the plan in the face of the ground realities facing the residents. Special attention is given to the debate over stringent and outdated development controls and zoning regulations in the city and the theoretical underpinnings of this debate.</p> <p>The paper also looks at some examples of cities across the world to get a feel of the international trends in planning for better cities. The paper finds that there are serious shortcomings in the draft plan, which has failed to address the demands of the residents of the city. The paper concludes that there is a case for greater participation by the people in the decision making process rather than a top down planning approach, and there is an urgent need to review the Master Plan and bring out the finalized draft for implementation at the soonest.</p>

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